7 Habits of Highly Creative Minds

There is always a debate on creative minds vs non-creative minds. In reality, creativity is the result of what and how you think and feel. One can develop the habit of creative thinking that allows you to break the barrier between what’s achieved and what’s achievable. So here’s a look at few habits of creative thinkers which can help you maximize your creative thinking.

  1. They don’t let criticism affect them


There is always a tendency among creative minded people to take feedback on their work. Feedback is necessary, but if someone is telling you something can’t be done or shouldn’t be done without hearing the full story it’s better to follow your own instincts. Create without interruption you will never know how your idea will turn out to be without exploring.

  1. They are always willing to learn!


“Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you. You can change it. You can influence it. You can build your own things that other people can use.” – Steve Jobs

Developing creativity means learning something new every day, and not bother on the size of the matter learnt. It may merely be a thought learnt about yourself or a new skill itself… The more you learn, the better are the chances of you coming out with something extraordinary.


  1. They say No when needed


As a creative minded person, you may have a different outlook of a concept or idea. Many creative professionals feel the pressure in saying “No” to their clients, but it is rather smart in saying “No” than burdening yourself with something that doesn’t fit in your bigger picture.

  1. They strive to connect the dots


Steve Jobs talked about it in his famous commencement speech. He said that creativity is just about connecting the dots, taking the risk required and making your own way.

“Creative thinkers produce ideas by finding the relationship between facts. Facts merely on their own are useless until one sees the connection between them”.

When you see the connection between facts, you’re able to create something different, the dots may look scattered and may not make sense at first, but you need to explore a little and eventually, it’s worth the bigger picture.

  1. They list their ideas


Thomas Edison, John Lennon, and Leonardo da Vinci are among some of the creative thinkers of history that have used list-making as a creativity tool. Making a list of the ideas may sound very tedious, but it is a good way to keep track of what you want to do, can do. Don’t stop thinking just because you may not have access to resources such as technology, money, or support required on your side, you will have it someday. Reality is the result of imagination.

  1. They are open to change


Picasso went through many stages of different styles of art. He had the Blue Period, the Rose Period, and the Surrealist Period, among others. Over time he evolved. He changed his art to reflect the outside situations he felt and experienced.

Keeping a broader perspective helps in analyzing yourself later and understand how you have developed and enables you to hunger for more.

  1. They love to collaborate


Collaboration helps in improving one’s skill as well as exposing yourself to the vulnerability that something totally distinct may turn out. It’s a hand-in-hand process. Collaboration helps you achieve synergy where ‘One plus one equals to Eleven’, so as a creative person one should be open to collaborate with another to get the best out of them.

Are you practicing these and more? Let us know your thoughts on the 7 points. Are you trying them or yet have to get your boat sailing? OR are you doing much more than above? Share your views below.

John D’mello, Pineapple Consulting


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