The Client
Chocohollics is a speciality chocolate and patisserie retail brand, situated in the upmarket township – Hiranandani in Powai, Mumbai. The designer cake/ bakery parlour is known for it’s out of the box designer cakes and concepts and enjoys the reputation of providing high on quality products.

The Setup
Amidst a vast market of chocolate and patisserie products, specially in an upmarket location like powai, with a wide variety of options available, the end consumer is spoilt for choice. Add to the fact that Chocohollics is a pure kiosk based retail format store, whilst in the same vicinity, there are patisserie shops that offer in store consumption option too. This further limits the brand to interact with consumers and hence it misses out to create a connect with them.

When the client approached us with the above, we suggested a re-branding and re-positioning exercise for Chocohollics. This was advised, to be able to make a strong connect with the audience, and at the same time have communication across all touch-points that can be engaging, impactful and something that can help create a higher recall of the brand amongst the target groups, in a busy marketplace.

The Pineapple Strategy
During our research, it was pretty evident, that (in line with the global/ national trends) people generally buy chocolates and cakes for gifting and celebrations and relatively less for self consumption.
Also, thanks to a huge setup of fortune 500 companies within Powai, Chocohollics gets a lot of orders from corporate teams asking for unique designs/ messages / themes for the cakes and chocolates, and hence,
it was important to understand the context of Chocolates/Cakes wrt Gifting (Giver and Recipient), and the role cake plays in creating the desired impact on behalf of the host.

The owner understands the criticality of that, however the same was left to be desired in the communication that was done so far.

The Design
The Desired positioning that pineapple suggested was – “sinfully addictive, simply adorable”.

The overall creative strategy was to evoke a brand character of an indulgent, drenched (in chocolate), yet extremely affable brand that’s more like a companion during celebrations.

The idea was to personify the brand with an exuberant, cool and a quirky attitude.

Pineapple created a brand new identity for Chocohollics that’s contemporary, high on style, and evokes the characteristics mentioned above. The Dripping ‘C’ became a strikingly simple and hence extremely easy to recall brand logo unit in no time.

To add further depth into the persona of the brand, our copy team came up with cool and quirky one liners that instantly connected with the Target Audience.

-If You Can’t Break your Addiction. Eat It!
-Who Melts first?!
-I Cakewalk My talk!!!
-Lick! Don’t leave any proofs behind.

The one liners went on Packaging, where one instantly connects with the theme and the character, bringing a smile on the face, thereby creating a strong emotional connect with the brand. The same character and the communication is carried through in other communication mediums like store branding, websites, emailer etc.

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