The Client

Lyla Blanc is a one stop solution for fragrance needs, whether its deodorants, perfumes or concentrated perfume oils for men, women and children. Being part of larger Group, it prides itself as one of the biggest Export Houses of India.

They have been actively fulfilling the needs of today’s value-oriented fashion-conscious consumers through their wide network of Retail Outlets spread across India and online e-commerce platforms, catering not only to India but throughout the world.

The Setup

The deodorant market has been growing boomingly at a rate of 32.71% CAGR and is expected to grow at 11.94 CAGR by 2021. The thought of treating body odour; adding value to one’s aesthetics, increasing one’s sensual appeal as well as easily available disposable income, have been the major reasons for growth in this market. Understanding these needs of the Indian market, Lyla Blanc decided to introduce their reasonably priced deodorants with multiple ranges for both men and women.

The Client wanted us to entirely brand their fragrant body sprays, from its naming to its package design. The brief was pretty simple to develop a brand identity that every youth can relate to, which is elegant and energetic in its appeal, gaining attention not just because of its various scents but also for its name and packaging.

The Pineapple Strategy

We understood the requirements of our Client and conducted a complete competitive analysis to provide the best Branding Solution possible. Focusing on a youth oriented target audience, we realised the need for the name to be short, which would be easy to remember as well as won’t give away the aspirational aspect of the brand. The Name defines the personality of a brand and keeping this pioneered rule in mind we branded Lyla Blanc’s deodorants as ‘Hott’ & ‘Naughty Girl’ Fragrant Body Sprays.

We chose ‘Hott’ as it is a very common term used to describe a guy’s personality today. It’s directly relatable to the cool-hunky side of a guy, which everyone aspires to be of. ‘Naughty Girl’ depicts the feminine side, a quality every young woman nurtures within them. This name speaks of the peppy, energetic side of a girl, showcasing elegance with a pinch of sensuality. We precisely chose each and every name for the ranges of ‘Hott’ & ‘Naughty Girl’ portraying the various personalities they showcased.

The Design

A design speaks thousand words in the minds of its interpreter. The design for the deodorants had to be simply elegant, enhancing the product’s aesthetics as well as making it easily readable. Each and every deodorant constituted a mixture flower scents which helps it to have a stronger long lasting effect. Keeping this common quality of the deodorants in mind, we came up with a flowery design. This flowery design enables to explore the various scents of the deodorant, which not only suited the different personalities of ‘Naughty Girl’ but also didn’t kill the masculinity of ‘Hott’.

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