What the most successful people understand about creative work

Creativity is subjective, very true in every scenario. We can read about habits on how one should develop and look for inspirations, what can be the mantra for evoking their inner creative soul. We can look at as many examples as possible yet we miss out on one thing; putting it in action. Here’s an article for you to understand what successful creative think about creative work. This will help you, to have not just developed the habits but as well as have the attitude of a creative pro.


Be stubborn


People always have this misconception that creativity is always a fun thing to do. Well to be honest it’s a tedious job to do even for the creative minds sometimes. As human as we are, we all have the thought crossing by our head,” Should I take a break?”  Well the answer to this ever tempting question, it’s good to take a break.

But there are times when you’re deep in your work and yet bored, in those moments it won’t be wise to take a break. You need to stick around your work; your creativity just wonders in an empty space and then comes by to pay a visit at your work. If you want the magic to happen, you need to work; there’s no possibility to reach that inexplicable moment when something great turns out.

Creativity isn’t gentle


Well you heard it right, contradicting to the beauty it possess, creativity has a dark side as well. Frankly it depends how you use it. Creativity is a gentle flow of bliss only when you use it and not store it in the attic.

There are times when you don’t have time for hearing your creative call. That doesn’t mean you’ve lost it; but you need to make time for it in some way.  It’s necessary to give your creativity a passage to flow out; before it gets sour on you. It’s not going to remain idle, consider it as a part of yourself: it turns on you making you feel sad, depressed and useless. You need to keep your creative juice running in some way to avoid this dark side of creativity. So don’t be discouraged when you’re not finding the deal

Acknowledge your fear


Fear is almost always the driving force behind our resistance to explore our vulnerability. We are afraid to enter the waters of risk and uncertainty. Best way to connect the dots, taking risk or even exploring a new style is by acknowledging the fear crawling in your skin. This doesn’t mean being fearless, No! It’s basically accepting the fact that you’re scared and yet not letting it take over you. It’s there in you but not affecting your call on taking decisions.

Fear is like a coin with its good and bad side; depends on you how proportionate you let it be. It helps you think, react, create considering different factors, but once it takes over, your creativity may get affected. One attitude needed to be developed is acknowledging your fear and using it to face your vulnerability.

There’s no perfect moment


Don’t wait Creativity doesn’t have any rules or boundaries or timing for getting it done. For creative minds a problem that occurs is they sometime don’t get time to express their creative imagination and when they get time, they don’t feel like working on it.

Being very choosy in terms of mood; waiting for the perfect moment is where one goes wrong. There is no such thing when it comes to exploring creativity, starting is often considered the most difficult undertaking for many creative people. But there’s never a perfect moment for it.

Hold on to Self-respect


Your ego is your line of defense when what you produced using your heart and soul isn’t appreciated by the world. This doesn’t mean being rude, being rude is a trait of showcasing immaturity. You need to use your ego to keep your self-respect and accept your critics.

Once you have accepted your reality, your ego will then help you absorb all the feedback to work on something with a better outcome. When you present your work to the world you should hold onto your self-respect; being aware it may get rejected, if it does you need to go back to the version where you express with your soul, use your ego and it will work out in your way.

Here are some of attitudes you can hold onto together while following habits you have developed for an enhanced creativity. Do let us know what are your views and thoughts over it? Do you have your own mantras you’d like to share with our fellow creative members here? Let us know, we’d like to hear from you.

John D’mello, Pineapple Consulting


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