WWW: (Who, What, Why)

Lets talk about an impressive brand first…

What is an Impressive Brand all about? A brand that gives a holistic experience to its customers and the one that communicates effectively.

“If you want the customer to be loyal to the brand. Well the brand has to be equally loyal to its customer “

Hence the connect has to be extremely strong.

The WORLD-WIDE-WEB: A wide reach of your Brand to establish that stronger connect.

A website tells your brand’s story; hence it should have a pleasant start and an impactful end. As the name suggests (World-Wide) – A Wide Reach.

Why/How your investment in WWW will make a huge difference to your Brand?

1.Credibility check: Studies show that 75% of the people judge the credibility of your brand based on the design of your website. People generally have the tendency to check the website or Google it the moment they come to know about a new brand in the market.

Why does this happen?

a. Times are changing; from online referrals, websites have evolved into an effective medium for the would-be-customers who are looking up your services/products online i.e. the first step towards building a trust in your Brand.

2.Avenue for interacting: Your website is like a virtual character having a healthy conversation with your user. The Language hence used should be very confident i.e. your beliefs should be articulated brilliantly to create trust in your targeted user. As well as the website should be screen-friendly i.e. Responsive.

All-in-all your site should be User-centric and adaptive.This reflects the fluidity/flexibility of brand.

What do you need to ensure?

1.Definite Purpose: Identify what you want to say/Why you want to say and most importantly how are you going to say it. If clarity does not exist with you then your brand might seem confusing to your target audience.

2.Say it precisely: Following a correct/appropriate sequence for the information in your website will make it more user-friendly.

Visual enhancement is another tool for strengthening your   website, as it is said “A picture is worth a thousand words.”The imagery you use for website should explain your purpose (Why you’re doing? /what are you doing?). Human Brain connects very well to visual data; this can certainly create a strong brand recall value amongst your customers.

How can you say it precisely?

a. Optimal use of pages: Define the number of pages you would want for your website and prioritize what would you want to convey the most.

b. Contact Information must be easy to access and email address should be simple to remember.

3. Technologically Relevant & Advanced: Did you know 50% of the users leave the website if it does not open in 3 seconds. Time is precious to all.A site that takes a lot of time to load gives a very wrong impression about the brand.

How can you increase the speed of your website?

a. The more data you have on your page, the more longer it will take to transmit.

b. Be cautious of Flash animation, pop-ads, they could distract your users attention from important information.

4. Keep Updating: Nobody likes seeing an outdated website.Keep observing. Explore. Think out of the box. The look of your website should be modern and contemporary and should follow the current trends in the market. This will reflect your thinking and how open-minded are you as a brand.

Last, but not the least

5.Be Transparent: Be honest. Be you. That’s all what creates a lasting impression on your target audience.Website is a very crucial medium through which major decisions are taken by the users.

How can you be transparent?

a. Clarity on your Services/ Product features

Be specific & precise.

To conclude,

The key take-aways are that Success of a Brand is directly proportional to happy and satisfied users, for that the experience should be one in a million.

And your website is a very sensitive tool for your brand communication since it talks about an intangible experience of your brand.

So you either make it or break it!!!

Author: Disha Shah, Graphic Designer 


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